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Monica Bliss

Joy in the Mourning

Joy in the Mourning

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Have you ever had to witness someone close to your suffer? Did it leave you feeling helpless? This acrylic painting was inspired after visiting a loved one who suffers from Parkinson's disease. Amidst the sorrow of the incurable illness and the mourning my heart experiences witnessing his struggle, on this particular day, there was a moment of joy - a moment to cling to. This moment took me back to a happier time and brought me to tears. There is joy to be found in the mourning, if only we will look. Back in my art studio, my canvas became the resting place for these two emotions to co-exist.

Watch the peaceful process of this painting:

Medium: Acrylic

Surface: Stretched canvas

Size: 8”x10”


What makes this special?

I use professional grade acrylics which boast quality pigment saturated paints with optimal strength and coverage. For the utmost durability and longevity, the painting is protected with 100% acrylic polymer varnish. Varnishing adds a satin sheen while increasing the brightness and color saturation and offering protection from UV light damage. The artwork is ready to hang. Includes a Certificate of Authenticity signed by artist.


All photos capture the color and detail as accurately as possible, but note that there may be some slight color shifts between photo and actual painting. Painting is signed on the surface and on the back in graphite and varnished.

Painting will be shipped out within 2-3 weeks of purchase. Shipping charges calculated at checkout.

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